Thrice came to be in August '98. But before it all started, Dustin Kensrue and Teppei Teranishi played in a band together. Dustin and Teppei looked to form a new band, so Eddie Breckenridge came in to play bass. All they needed was a drummer, so Eddie's older brother, Riley, was called upon. Riley Breckenridge played drums and used to sing in a different band before, so he had some good experience. With just a few practices together, Dustin, Teppei, Eddie, and Riley knew they all connected on a band-based level and it all began from there.

Their first self-released EP, First Impressions, wasn't nearly as hard as their following CDs would be. It had more of a new school, progressive punk/rock sound. Only 1,000 copies were made and released during early '99. Following the release of First Impressions came Identity Crisis. In addition to being released on Greenflag Records in the summer of '00, Thrice signed to Sub City Records and the album was released, once again (except for one track called Madman), in the spring of '01. The Illusion of Safety, Thrice's latest release, came out on February 5th of this year.

This Irvine, California band has only gotten better and better in what they do. Thrice's mind-splitting lyrics, combined with hard, yet melodic guitar riffs, go a lot deeper than any other typical punk band. Each member of the band puts in 120 percent, providing nothing but the best for their fans. Their hard work has really paid off. The band has toured, nation-wide, playing sold-out shows. Bands Thrice has toured with include: AFI, Hot Water Music, Cave In, and Alkaline Trio.