Thievery Corporation

Thievery Corporation - The Richest Man In Babylon lyrics

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There is no quidance in your kingdom Your wicked walk in Babylon There is no wisdom to your freedom The richest man in babylon Your beggars sleep outside your doorway Your prophets leave to wonder on You fall asleep at night with worry The saddest man in Babylon The wicked stench of exploitation Hangs in the air and lingers on Beneath the praise and admiration The weakest man in Babylon There is no hope left in your kingdom Your servants have burned all their songs Nobody here remembers freedom The richest man in Babylon Si la lou babylon go 'dain Babylon gon' be rich again But to we don' sick again But no we no weak again Babyloooon on on on on (Rasta scat) Sal la lou ca uba whoa Si la douba douba do wa bay ?? Si la loo babylon come 'round You better know you better understand 'Fact you know you better hear what they say Babylon this is your final day Babylon this is your final call Read the writin' it's on the wall Said United we stand And together we fall And if I know that You're not 'gon catch me in a rat pack We not go fallin' on your death trap No way... Whoooooa oh oh oh oh whoa oh who oh oh Whooooooa oh oh oh Whoa oh oh o oh

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