Therion - The Blood Of Kingu

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Collect the blood of Kingu from the great old sea

And arrogate the primeval waters

Inside your veins the power of the demon flow

Have you ever searched for your descent?

Gaze into your soul, we are the children of the ancient ones

On the thin facade we are the kindred of the benign gods

Take up and read the tables of your destiny

They hang around the neck of Kingu

Prepare the war between gods deep inside your soul

Your the one to figth in this war!


March for war in your soul. Hail!

Demon Kingu rise, rise, rise from the void. Hail!

Kingu rules the horned dragons, Ugallu, fishmen,

Mushussu, umu, bulls frogs, scorpions, dogs... Kingu rules the void!


Kingu is the blood of man drawn off from this early war

In your veinsyou find the strength from the demon's heritage

Chaotic waters covered every part of earth

The old gods split it like a shellfish

But in the shells the blood of chaos still remain

Mother Habur suckle her children

pre-chorus & chorus repeat

Kingu, general of the host of chaos, fighting for Tiamat: Bearer of sky and earth

Kingu, the mighty master ruling eleven demons

Kingu, your blood is running inside the heart of mankind

The ancient demons, they will return...

The blood of Kingu... the open gate

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