Christofer Johnsson

He started to play the bass at the age of 15 and changed to guitar a year later. Therion in one form or another (known earlier as Blitzkrieg, Megatherion and other namnes) is the main band that has occupied him ever since he started playing, but he also made 3 albums with a weird psycho-metal band called Carbonized as well as some vocal performances in bands, such as the Swiss band Messiah and the Swedish band Liers In Wait.
He has no formal music education and has never taken any kind of music lessions.

Kristian Niemann

Kristian picked up the guitar at age 17 and soon began playing with local bands. In 1994 he moved to Los Angeles to study jazz at Musicians Institute.

While still in the States, he was featured on the JSR Records compilation album"Hottest Unknown Guitarists" that was released in 1996. After returning to Sweden, he taught Metal Guitar at the Stockholm Guitar Academy for a few years, but today he only teaches privately out of his home.

He hooked up with Therion through drummer Sami Karppinen, with whom he played in a rock/fusion band. When Tommy Eriksson left the band, Sami recommended his buddy. When not touring or recording wih Therion, KN can be found gigging locally with a slew of different bands in most styles of music, as well as doing some studio/session work.

His main influences on the guitar are Allan Holdsworth, Eric Johnson, Greg Howe, Marty Friedman and Shawn Lane.

Johan Niemann

Influences: Tony Levin, Anthony Jackson, Jimmy Johnson, Andy West
A few favourites: King Crimson, Voivod, Mr. Bungle, Jellyfish, Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth, Peter Gabriel, Testament, Slayer.

As suggested by a music teacher, Johan began playing bass at age eleven. A few years later, he co-founded the band Mind's Eye with whom he recorded two albums. He left the band in may 2000 due to scheduling conflicts with Therion. He also attended the Stockholm Music Conservatory to study music production and sound engineering. Outside of Therion, when time permits, he performs with a wide variety of bands in and around Stockholm.

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