The Tea Party

The Tea Party - Poem On The Inside Cover lyrics

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I'll show you the door when you've decided to hold on to all that you've lost.

You see, all this is nothing when she comes and tears you apart.

Of course, all this is nothing if you hold the key to her heart.

I told you I am your saviour and your truth.

When you get down on the floor,

I will steal the soul from you if there is no truth.

Let's end this lie tonight.

When the thirteenth apostle is knocking at my door,

a new sun is rising in the east. Did I tell you that?

It's true. So sing thorughout the streets and sing throughout the night.

Go and tell the people my soul is aflight.

Although you might save me from all these emotions that are filling my mind,

all of your healers are still hurting my kind.

I will watch what the rain blows in,

and I will continue to tell people that a climb to the holy land

is a slide to the devil's hand.

Something is going to change these times and I'll watch them fade away.

So if they want to keep me hung on their crosses

they'll have to find some bigger nails.

I will continue to walk these streets like a doubting Thomas

and I'll swear at saints when they pass me by.

Nothing is pure when everything is tainted.

Where am I going to go when I die.

So you see, I'll try to let you go and I'll try very hard to forget.

I don't think my thought will subside, I guess I'm just losing my mind.

I'm walking alone, I'm standing in the sun.

I'm thinking about my life and how it's barely just begun.

I want to run.

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