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The Nixons - Sad, Sad Me lyrics

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Sad sad me...know what your wishing

But your making your entrance a bit too late

Sad sad me...I hear your confession

But you'll get no repentance from me

All we have is here today

That's all we had to say

Giving your your sadness...away

Sad sad heart... I feel you breaking

But there is a place that you can go

Far far away...but still deep inside you

I know that with hope there is a way

This could be our greatest day

Close your eyes and feel your way

Giving your my sadness単iving our sadness...away

Sad sad me... I hear your confession

And you'll get your repentance from me

Find in you another day

Close your eyes I'll lead the way

Giving your sadness, giving my sadness, giving our sadness...away

There is a place for you out there

I know that you will find the way

Leave your fears in yesterday

Give all your sadness away

Giving your sadness...sad sad me

Giving your sadness...sad sad me

Giving your sadness...sad sad me

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