The Nixons

The Nixons - One By One lyrics

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Late night TV so entertaining

No questions asked my mind is straining

I pinch myself conscious to the moon

A vision felt what equals battled good

I had a dream two and two make three

Pinned down with hope how could I break free

Days of the Son judgment will come

Souls brought down

One by one

Love hate contemplate congregate separate

Take your heart into your hand

Can't take pleasure no good measure

To after life say good-bye selfishness instead

Another dream seven lead to Heaven

Soldiers gather on the land and sea

Battles raging fire in the sky

Mankind fall down

One by one

Can't take the news philosophy keeps asking

How do I know what I see is true

Constant struggle emancipation

Come find the will for anticipation

So I scream I scream out loud

Can't take my soul no consciousness allowed

It's your fate take me

One by one

Listen close Listen close

To the whistles in the earth

Feel the pain

Clinching his bed

Touch your pulse

Deep inside your flesh

Nothing penetrates you consentrate on us

You battled grass

Neither war you chose

You're dream goes on nothing would fall

Walk a fence between the earth and sun

Forget your past

One by one

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