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Teyana Taylor - Your Wish lyrics

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What's up, what's up, what's up

It's ur man DJ Platforfree, gettin' you through this rush hour

As promised I got that Tayana Taylor 'Your Wish is My Command'



Your wish is my command

(It's like he said to me)

Your wish is my command

(That's ok with me)

Your wish is my command

(Boy don't play with me)

Your wish is my command


Are u ready, let's talk about

Said u givin' up a piece of ur heart

I want to see it, oh walk that walk

Boy I want to be blown away


In luv a lotta luv

There here and gone the next day

I've been there done there over this thing

You say u feelin' me

You neva had a women like this

I hear you but it's hard to really hear u

Oh he said


(Verse 2)

Lately, you've been on it

Got me really thinkin' u were heart

If u say it, u betta mean it

Don't be sayin' that it's luv, it's not

Oh he say



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