Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor - Touch Me lyrics

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I don't believe this, you are going to turn down a pussy like this? It's staring you smack in your face, no man can turn down this pussy

Will you stop

I don't know any man that can refuse this, pussy

Will you stop saying "pussy", people are eatin in here

Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, puss, puss, pussy

So, when are we gonna fuck?


Come fuck me babe, want you to feel me

Come closer babe, but don't tease me

I want you now, can you hear me?

Keep bangin till I'm satisfied

No I won't apologise

I'mma keep complainin 'til we're naked

So come inside


Actin different

I'm wet, I want attention, baby

Rough sex, touch me, drill me

Trynna get me actin right

When we fight it's only right


Baby, yeah, yeah, yeah

Ooh 3

Aah x 3

Oh yeah, yeah

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