Teen Idols

Teen Idols - Cynical Fool

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Once there was a man with the world in his hands

And his visions were known far and wide

But power breeds boredom so friends,

He ignored them his freedom just withered and died

Now he's grown old, reclusive and cold

Like a slug rotting deep in it's shell

Don't bother to reach him, you're too far beneath him

He'll tell you, tell you to go straight to hell

He's a cynical fool who's mad at the world

For holding him too close to their hearts

Becuase they can't compare to his arrogant air

With the feeble attempts to be smart

And it's not the way they seem

That makes him feel so cool

It's his stature up above them not because they love him

Because he's a cynical fool

Sarcastic comments with mean, hateful contents

Are considered by him to be mild

His asshole aggression has become an obsession

Due to the problems he faced as a child

Painted in a corner from slander made to order

He goes nowhere, has nothing to do

Don't feel sorry for him, just try to ignore him

I'm sure he'd do the same for you

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