Teen Idols

Keith - Vocals
Phillip - Guitar/Vocals
Heather - Bass
Matt - Drums

Hailing from the birth place of Rock N' Roll, Nashville, TN, it's no surprise that the TEEN IDOLS hit the scene back in '97 like true veterans with their self-titled debut full-length release on Honest Don's Reliable Redneck Recordings. They got rave reviews and had such a great time touring for the album, they quickly put together enough material for a second full length, Pucker Up, released a year and a half later. Now, fans are eagerly looking forward to their fantastic third full length, Full Leather Jacket!

Drawing from the rebel rock of the 1950's and the pogo punk of the 1970's, these Southern punk rockers plant themselves firmly in the scene of the 1990's. Fast, loud punk with girl backup vocals add up to a sound full of attitude and speed that's sure to put the TEEN IDOLS at the very top of every pop punker's fave list.

Don't think for a minute that the two Honest Don's full-lengths are all that the TEEN IDOLS are packin' under those leather jackets! The Southerners also released a split EP with Japan's Spread on California Roll Records and Honest Don's (co-release) along with a bunch of 7^Ôs on Rhetoric Records, House of Pain Records, and VML Records (just to name a few). They were also featured on the Descendents tribute album "Homage" on Coolidge Records, along with countless other compilation CDs. In 1996 they were nominated for Independent Recording Artist of the Year by the Nashville Music Association!

These punkers are no strangers to touring either. They've hit the U.S. as headliners a number of times and have also toured with NOFX, No Use For A Name, Mr. T Experience, The Queers, Tilt and Squirtgun! They've also toured Europe with NOFX and Hi-Standard, and toured Japan with Spread. Not to mention the shows here and there with the likes of Lagwagon, Dance Hall Crashers, Reverend Horton Heat, and Jawbreaker.

On their debut self titled full-length, the TEEN IDOLS employed the production expertise of their pal, Screeching Weasel front man Ben Weasel, along with the engineering savvy of Mass Giorgini. For Pucker Up the Idols went straight for the production throat themselves, once again using Mass Giorgini at the helm for that just-right sound. The upcoming third full length from the TEEN IDOLS, Full Leather Jacket, will be sure to please both fans and first time listeners alike.

These Southern punk rockers are gonna have the fans of power pop punk begging for more, pogo-ing until they can pogo no more, living for the next time Teen Idols to hit their home town!

Source: http://www.honestdons.com/bands/teenidols/