Tanya Stephens

Tanya Stephens - 1-1-9 lyrics

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Funny everytime on the telephone

All I ever get is a dial tone

*69, you hold my hand

Some bitch on the line, say leave my man

Dats the kinda game you play with your life

A mussi murda yuh waan mi charge for


Mi naah call no 119

Mi love yuh but if yuh ever dis the program one more time

Yuh gonna wake up in the morning kindly brushing yuh teeth

with ma big Tek Nine

This is a wake up call, bwoy nuh badda bawl

Caw dis a different time, whey me say, whey mi say


Mi naah pour nuh oil inna nuh man ears

Mi have mi taurus, an dis a modern days

Mi nuh tek flowers, neither get well card

Yuh see mi big gun, a it run di yard

Mi naah tek no lick, gal mi dun wid dat

Mi nuh waan nuh ice pick, cause mi have mi glock

An when mi talk, nuh badda kin yuh teeth

Hey bwoy yuh fi tek mi serious



All a di man dem whey know dem naah dis

Push up unnu han when yuh hear dis yah mix

If yuh nuh push up yuh han den listen fi di click

Wid di gal inna di place an mi matic nuh stick, nuh stick

Unnu fi hear whey mi say, hey

Yuh all have yuh dutty gal a chat inna mi face

An when mi defend dat, yuh get pon mi case

funny everytime mi answer the phone

All mi ever get is a dial tone

mi *69 an yuh hol ma hand

Yuh gal deh pon di line a say fi lef har man

A dem deh kinda game yuhplay wid yuh life

A mussi murda yuh waan mi charge for



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