Tami Chynn

Tami Chynn - Looky Looky

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Oooooo Oooooo Oooooooooooo [Chorus:] Looky Looky But You Cah Get It Get It Bwoy, Want It Want It But Mi Wouuldn't Even Bodda Try, Tell Me Tell Me Why You Gyal Wah Cut Eye Cut Eye, Looky Looky But Cah Get Wid I And I [Verse 1:] My Lips On You Would Make You Cry, Temper Tone Would Completely Die, Wit Jus One Kiss From My Hot Lips, Would Mek You Bawl Out In Agony U Cah Handle Me, Everytime I Walk Away, Ha I Figure As U Missing Me, Its Just A Game And We Both Know, That All U Can Do Is Hope And... [Chorus X2] [Verse 2:] Everytime U Come Around, U Tek It Say But U Kno U Cah Hold It Down, Me Tell U No But Still U Love Mi To Di Ground, U Betta Hold It Off Because U Gyal A Frown (Gyal A Frown), I'm Not Your Candy, I'm Not Your Prize, You're Not My Grammy, You're Not My Size, I Wonda If U Know Seh Dis A Tami, Gwan Dry U Eyes, I'm Not For Sale, I'm Not Fa Free [Chorus X2] [Verse 3:] You're Wishing (Wishing), That It Could Be U, Who Be Kissing Me All Over (Woo Woo), U Wanna Be The Wind In My Hair, U Wanna Be The Clothes That I Wear, U Wanna Be The Music I Hear, I Don't Wanna Be The Song In Your Ear, Nooooooo [Chorus X2] (Looky Looky) (Cah Get It Get It Not Even Get It) (Looky Looky) (Cah Get It Get It Not Even Get It) (No Sa) (What U Think U Even Know) [Chorus X2]

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