Tami Chynn

Tami Chynn - Hyperventilating

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[Intro:] I, I, I, I, Oh, why, oh, why My, my, my, my Tell me deh pan mi mind Why, oh, why, oh, why Why, Oh, why Hy, hy, hy, hy, heypervetilating [Verse 1:] See your smile got me high and A'm begging to be part of your sky I will fly 747, 24/7 What am I sayin'? Hyperventilating, Wanting to be the game that you've been playing. [Chorus:] I, I, I, I'm all over sexy My, my, my, my you haffi work it baby Why, oh, why, oh, why you keep me waiting? Hy, hy, hy, hypervetilating [Verse 2:] Tek yuh time join di line fi knock mi door Rock mi body till you cyan't rock it no more And it you ready you fi really mek mi soar Like a bird in the sweet summer shore And if you never know say dat mi want you do Step aside cause supmn must do you You either will or you won't You do or you don't better play me ritght hit every note. [Chorus] [Verse 3:] Oh why, oh why, you deh pan mi mind? Can you tell me why, why you deh pan mi mind, mind, mind? My yute, tell you di truth Mi want everything package up inna you suit You deh pan mi mind and mi ready fi recruit Show me weh you got if you want me salute. I know you're watching me, me Cause I've been watching you, you And if you didn't know I'm ready for you [Chorus] [Verse 1] [Chorus x3]

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