Sum 41

Artist(Band):Sum 41

"Well, the guys always figured rock'n roll would get them girls. I always told them they were way too ugly to be interested in girls, and I was right." Mom - SUM 41
The boys of SUM 41 are a veritable tossed salad, a smorgasbord, and a Spam, if you will, of the music that drives today's youth. Punk rock, hip-hop, and skate rock are like butter on breakfast toast to these leaders of the new school. With pounding guitar riffs, drum beats that make your ears quake, and voices comparable only to that of a choir of angels - a choir of Hell's Angels - SUM 41 are the new breed of hardcore. Fast and filthy, SUM 41 rises to a new low in quality street music.

After playing shows with punk acts like Down By Law, Gob, and Ten Foot Pole, SUM 41 are prepared to give the old boys a run for their money with their debut EP "Half Hour Of Power". Released in the U.S. by Island / Def Jam, and in Canada by Aquarius Records / DKD Group, "Half Hour Of Power" punches you right in the nose, and then laughs when you're down. The tracks run like a fat kid to donuts - FAST! Your legs are jittering, your stomach is churning, your hands are shaking, sweat pours down your face, you lose your job, you spend half the day in the bathroom, friends will suggest an intervention, your bank account goes to the shithouse, and you end up alone on the street, naked, hungry, and screaming repeatedly, over and over "SUM 41! SUM 41!" all because you made the right decision and listened to SUM 41. Fuck what your friends say - "I heard that stuff messes you up" or "Yo, my little brother listened to SUM 41 and now he wears like dresses and shit" - because they are just scared. Be a man, or woman, or whatever you are and stand up for what's right and take the plunge into SUM 41. Make no mistake "Half Hour Of Power" is a commitment; a religion, a faith, and SUM 41 will be your God, father, mother, and bee-atch. Cause when you hear it, yo, you're finished.


The second Album "ALl Killer No Filler" was more popular than the first one. Some of the Singles from this Album are "Into Deep" , "Fat Lip" and "Handle This". Between their Oldsongs and the new, SUM 41 plays Metallica Covers.
On the Soundtrack of Marvel's Superman, they have one song, "What were all about" he called. It's a Hip-Hop Punkrock-song.

2002 / 2003

On the End of 2002 they will bring an New Album, it's called "Does This Look Infected ?" on the cover are the 4 Members of SUM 41 as Zombies. In the Time of the Recording of "Does This Look Infected ?" they saw a lot of Horror-Movies. "Still Waiting"was the first official Does ... Single. After that, the Singles "The Hell Song" and "Over My Head" came out.

May 2003, The Band rocks on MTV's ICON METALLICA. They covered one song of Metallica, but that wasn't very heavy, because they played Metallica Songs before that, a long time. Between 2002 and 2003 the new "Punkchick" Avril Lavigne ( Sk8er Boi ) says that she find, Bizzy D. "Deryck" ( Vocals of SUM 41 ) was very cute. Also Deryck find that Avril Lavigne ( Canadian, too )was a very cool and cute girl.