Stuck Mojo

Stuck Mojo - Hatebreed

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I lived beyond my fears

Until my years

Have withered me, delivered me

Divinity and you'll

Never catch me on my knees

Ride upon my horse so mighty

Hated both the black and white

Always constant never falter

Rage like fire move like water

(This hate makes me a better man

My hate helps me take a stand)

Strong inside, clear of purpose

Heart of stone, never nervous

Never hidden never ran

So hate me with all you can

Hate Breed (I've fallen in with the hate breed)

You wanna feel the rush until the crush

has beat you down spins you around

The hate you found and your rage

will never let you down

Strike them down with all your fury

Judged with hate the acting jury

Always swift with no deliberation justice

done purification

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