Stuck Mojo

Bonz- Vocals
Rich Ward- Guitars
Dan Dryden- Bass
Bud Fontsere- Drums
Ryan Mallam- New Guitarist

No one can deny STUCK MOJO's infectious, hard-hitting songwriting, and this Atlanta-based quartet have transformed from one of the first heavy guitar-driven 'rap-core' bands into one of the BEST overall metal bands on the planet. What has always set the MOJO groove above and beyond anyone else is that they invent instead of borrow, and unlike their peers they continue to progress and not wait to hear about the next trend. Their latest and fourth full studio release, Declaration Of A Headhunter, propels the four-piece once again into a realm all to themselves. Century Media's largest selling band in the US, the MOJO groove exploded even before and upon the release of their Snappin' Necks debut in early 1995, and constant touring in both the US and Europe brought the band into a global spotlight.

Being the true workaholics that they are, STUCK MOJO entered Atlanta's 360 Studios in '96 with producer/engineer Daniel Bergstrand and Devin Townsend and walked out with one of the more potent and welcomed records of the year. Pigwalk ran circles around the metal competition, and allowed the band to stay on the road for most of 1997..

1998 saw the coming of STUCK MOJO's most diverse and shining moment thus far, Rising. Produced by Andy Sneap, Rising features concussive rhythms, razor-sharp guitar mastery and the vilest vocal bantering around. Continuing to set trends, STUCK MOJO's video for the track "Rising" featuring the band playing in a sports ring surrounded by wrestling stars such as Diamond Dallas Page and Raven and helped them retain their title of being the deadliest live band around. At the end of 1998, it was time to give back a little to the fans that have been there for so long and have done so much for the band. A capacity crowd of 1,500 crammed its way into the Masquerade in Atlanta one night in the spring of '99, and one of STUCK MOJO's most exhausting live performances was captured.

Lyrically, the band have taken a bold step in expressing their harsh opinions on various problematic members and groups (both political and social) of the U.S. society, as quickly evident on songs like "Hatebreed" and "Give War A Chance". Declaration Of A Headhunter is the catchiest hard rock/metal album in many years, and this release raises the bar much higher for the flock of understudy bands to follow. Forget the latest flavor-of-the-month radio band, STUCK MOJO in the end will simply write and perform circles around all of them.

In 2001, Stuck Mojo added new guitarist Ryan Mallam to the Mojo crew. Ryan Also plays guitar in Fozzy, one of mojo's many side projects, under the alias of "The Kidd".An extremely talented guitarist, He should become a valuable member of Stuck Mojo. Their new EP "Violate This" should be released in mid June 2001.