Steve Winwood

Steve Winwood - Lord of the Street

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When the night comes rollin' and the day is through

Then I come strollin' down that avenue

Baby, I got what no one can give you - all my lovin'

All the guys wanna get down with you

But there ain't no one that's got my rhythm

Cos I'm the lord of the street, no one can compete with my love for you

Said I'm the lord of the street, you got the kinda heat brings me close to you

Oh, I can't get enough of it, let me dance for you

When I start movin' you'll be dancing too

You and I gonna rock together, our hearts are burning

We'll take on all kinds of weather

Girl, this night's gonna last forever

The power to love someone up above is good to me

He's got the kinda love the helps me to see

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