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Spanish suite

Cuando sientes que tu amor

va saliendo de tu vida

y nunca regresará

Cuando ella diga

adios y buena suerte

no estoy interesada

tu amor no vale nada

(when you feel that your love

is going out of your life

and will never come back

when she says

goodbye and good luck

i am not interested

your love is worth nothing)

There comes a time when love becomes a trial

And some they will survive

And some are sure to fail

No matter what you do

It's not enough, for she

Is as sure as she can be

That she no longer cares to love you

So go on alone, your future is your own

For she has told you now

The time has come to follow different paths

How long will it take you to forget her?

How long for the love to finally die?

How long will the spirit live within you?

Help me, I can no longer cry


So take your life in hand

And live it day by day

One moment at a time

‘Til death comes to collect you

Remember all the love, beyond just simple caring

Obsessively compelling,

But ultimately so telling

Y parece

que sabías que algún día

iba a vivir

ese momento ya pasado

No mientas

ya no llores por tu amor

la vida continúa

olvida tu dolor, hermano mío

Todo todo ha pasado

estaba destinado

(and it seems

you knew that some time

i was going to live

the moment had already passed

don't lie

don't cry for your love

life goes on

forget your pain, my brother

everything is over

it's already been written)

It took me too much time to realize that it was over

There was no more me and you

Now my life has changed completely

There's an empty place that once belonged to you (yeah)

I gave up on you

That's the hardest thing I've ever had to do

Giving up on you

I gave up on you

I have nothing left to lose

Even though I know you'll never really face yourself or put your trust in someone else

That's just the same as asking all of us to turn away and just give up on you

Every day is different for me now

The air is clear, and the daily worry too (all the time)

Easier to repossess my confidence was weak

I was trapped in loving you

I gave up on you

Even with the sadness it would surely bring

I gave up on you

I gave up on you

Even knowing what I do

I was giving up the pain of living without you

My life will never be the same

So I will once again do as you wish give up on you

I feel so common now

My love of decades, (won't you really pass too late?)

Hatreds born of demons must be driven from destruction

Now must fight for its own sake

I gave up on you

I'd no more time to waste

I gave up on you

I'd harder things to face

I gave up on you

I've finished with the chase

I gave up on you

While I can still forget the bitter taste

And memories that overcome me

Seeming to be trying to convince me

That life is nothing but a time to waste

I gave up on you

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