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Stephen Stills - Rock & Roll Crazies lyrics

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With Manassas<br />

<br />

Lookout mama<br />

It's comin to you<br />

I can't tell you<br />

What you gonna do<br />

Rock and roll crazies<br />

Get you right down<br />

Make you feel so tough<br />

Your feet leave the ground<br />

<br />

Lookout mama don't you go too far><br />

Don't you get hung up bein' no rock and roll star> chorus<br />

You find out it's easy to lose your way><br />

Catch yourself practicin' bein' shallow every day yeah > <br />

<br />

Don't wanna tell you<br />

How to run your scene<br />

I only can tell you<br />

What happened to me<br />

Keep you eyes open<br />

Keep a clear head<br />

The woman inside you<br />

Might wind up dead<br />

<br />

Chorus <br />

<br />

Girl I love you-oo-ooh<br />

Yes I was taken<br />

After it'd been a while<br />

Wondered was I mistaken<br />

<br />

Only my foolish pride<br />

Sensibilities shakin'<br />

Picking up piece by piece<br />

You say I was shaken<br />

<br />

Musica latina es cuban bluegrass<br />

<br />

If I could thank you now<br />

Feeling musch smoother<br />

If I could just be here<br />

Make it much cooler<br />

<br />

Dale su alma bien<br />

Por la descarga<br />

Nada importa pues<br />

En lo que hagas

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