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Stephen Stills - Right by You lyrics

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Ain't no thing

I got to say to you

Ain't no game

That I'm tryin' tryin' to run on you

I have fantasies about you

In the middle of the night

I could not live without you

If we ever got it right

One thing I know for sure

You ain't had no man that's yours

Ever do right by you

When you came

Into my life I was in trouble too

Were no flame

But to give up love ain't worth

These blues

I was driving myself crazy

I was wasted I was down

Weren't no time for being lazy

Pleasin' everybody round

Had some trip I had to deal with

Weren't no love that I could feel it

Ever get right by you

It's so strange

Hey hey hey little girl

What I've been through

Time for a big change

General overhaul of your


All this misery and this cryin'

Ain't no knowin' what to do

You got circuitry that's fryin' all

This worryin' about you

Need a man knows how to fight

Get it over, get it right

Right right right by you

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