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Stephen Stills - No Problem lyrics

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I hear that you're concerned

About hearing me

I understand your problem

If you see candles burn

From the middle me

I don't know how to stop them

Oh yes we catch a fire

Kick the room around

We like to keep it poppin'

And if we get inspired

Rapped up in the sound

Might come some truth a knockin'


Got some kind of story

Ain't nobody

Near enough worried

The story goin' round

Thru the welfare line

Is that nobody matters

What it is goin' down

Easily defined

Fat cats are getting fatter

It's hard to be concerned

With what you cannot see

I don't think they see the problem

When everybody's heard

Of this agony

There's people goin' hungry right now

Everybody got some kind of story


Nobody near enough worried

So honey spread the word

Get visibility

This is the people talkin'

Get with this real life

Your vailidity

Don't need no weapon today

This can't be all there is

To the twilight's last gleaming

I just don't think we'll have it

Willful unconsciousness

Plain and simple me me me

I think we better fix it

Right now

Everybody, got some kind of story

Ain't nobody near 'nough worried

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