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Stephen Stills - My Favorite Changes lyrics

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This is my favorite set of changes

Already good for a couple of songs

Thought I might play them one more time

And over again

Makes me go back to the trouble I got into

Tryin' to live up to what they said I lucked into

At twenty-five

And this part reminds me of my lady

She loves me she's waitin' at home

And the baby she's makin'

I tell you it's frightenin'

How she trusts me so

And all of the sad times the bitter taste

Left by the struggle to grow

Must my baby know the blues

So if you're still listenin'

I hope you'll remember

The kid with the big white guitar

And all the sad stories to tell

I think it's high time

I went home she'll be worryin'

And missin' me so

How long can I let it drive

Me crazy this music won't

Let me go

But here I stand tryin' so hard to find

One more clever line

For this song of mine

But I can't seem to find

Anything that will rhyme

With my favorite changes

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