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Stephen Stills - My Angel lyrics

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My angel there she goes

Where she comes from

Nobody knows

She came walkin' quiet as a bird, walkin' softly

With a good word

And who was I talkin' to

Soon I must see for myself

New love don't run away

I don't think you understand

How deeply you touch me

My angel callin' me soft and low

Love me gentle I've suffered and

Fallen so low

Can I try and love you best I can

Take good care of you be your man

Who was I talkin' to

Soon she will see for herself

New love don't run away

I think she now understands

How deeply she touches me

My angel will she go

Will she move on

I just don't know

If it happens that

She has to go

I'll be sorry but

I can say that I did know

My angel yes I did

I knew my angel

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