Stephen Stills

Stephen Stills - Guagunacó de Veró lyrics

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by Stephen Stills & Joe Lala

Sometimes I think of the person I was

I really don't know him at all he was lost

Someone hurt he had to hide

Inside a shell every song was a cry

Por eso ahora ya yo no vuelvo a querer

Now I am somebody else and I know

It's not up to me whether I open or close

Someone has come to me she reaches for me

She didn't think twice when I gave her the key

Por eso ahora ya yo vuelvo a querer

I got no words left there's nothing to say

I was reborn on the Champs D'Elysee

Someone to listen somebody to share

I fell in love this time someone was there

To catch me

And I know it's not a dream

And we know who we are, who is we

And we're together

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