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Stephen Stills - Cold, Cold World lyrics

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I been burned

By a cold empty fire

I been turned and led astray

But you learn

When you deal with a liar

It's a cold cold world

Cold world when it's

Your friends

I bee taken

Down a blind street

I been shaken and led astray

You awaken

With a bad bad feelin'

It's a cold cold world

When it's your friends

You might listen you might

Not it don't bother me

You won't know till the

Time catches up with you

Can't you see how close I'm

Watching you

Feel like dirt

They've taken my pride

And what's worse

I've been so betrayed

And it hurts you deep down inside

It's a cold cold world

Cold world, when it's your friends

You know trust is so hard to give

But you must or you're gonna be alone

When you're dust it just should not be

That it was a cold cold world

Cold world... cold cold world...

In the end

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