Stephen Stills

Stephen Stills - 12/8 Blues (all The Same) lyrics

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by Stephen Stills

© 1976 Gold Hill Music

Can you see me cryin'?

Can you hear me dyin'?

I want to talk to you,

Listen too

Do you know me

Like I know you?

Do you love me

Like I love you?

Is it all the same, yeah?

We'll be old friends


Till the road ends

We'll be fine.

Listen to me say to you

I got the music

I need the space

I like to use it

To get out of this place

Cause it's all the same, yeah

I got the miserables

Help me

Don't seem sensible

You tell me

I want to talk to you

Listen too

Too many times

I swallow my words

Is it a crime

To want to make her

Or is it all the same, yeah?

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