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Stephen Kellogg - You've Changed Lyrics

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I walked into the house and I could see it written down

I didn't have to read a word, I could feel it all around

Somehow you escaped my love while I was still asleep

You started like a saint and now you finish like a thief

You've Changed

You've Changed, but I still wear my ring

I walked into my honesty and I saw it to be false

Like an early indication of a failing protocol

I wrote it down on paper and I left it by the phone

I wanted you to find it while I was not at home

And it said...

You've Changed

You've Changed, but you used to be so sweet

You've Changed

You've Changed, and now my exit is complete

I'm only half of what I wish that I was, I wish that I was

You've said it before, that I talk too much, that I say too much

But you'll never tell me what to do again

I walked into six months and I started at a run

I am not the guy and you are not the one

I walked into a lover and look what she became

But a rose is still a rose by any other name

And you change and you change and you change...

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