Stephen Kellogg

Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers is an American rock band formed in Western Massachusetts in 2003. The band features lead singer Stephen Kellogg (Born: November 28, 1976), bassist and keyboard player Kit 'The Goose' Karlson, drummer Boots Factor, and electric guitar/pedal steel player Sam 'Steamer' Getz. Most of the members hail from the Northeast, and went to school at UMass Amherst.

Their recent release The Bear, Vanguard Records, was voted "Best of 2009" by No Depression and JamBase. Their single "Shady Esperanto & The Young Hearts" cracked the Billboard Top 20 for AAA. They were named 2009 Entertainers of the year by Armed Forces Entertainment. An exceptional live act given to high-energy showmanship, "The Sixers" celebrated their 1000th show together on April 3, 2010 in New York City.

SK6ERS songs have been featured on the television shows One Tree Hill and Mercy. Their song "Maria" was covered by Canadian country band Doc Walker and was a top 10 hit. SK6ERS are also known for annual commitments to the St. Jude Children's Hospital.

In 2009, the band recorded a music video of "Shady Esperanto & The Young Hearts" with the University of Massachusetts Minuteman Marching Band. Some of the band members are former members of the marching band.

In 2010, Stephen decided that the band needed a way to connect with their fans on a more personal level. The result of that is "Sixertown" the band's fan club. Members of Sixertown receive free merchandise upon joining as well as monthly mp3s in their email. Also, before most shows, the band plays a two-song acoustic set, for members only.

Soon after ringing in the new year (2011) at the Fairfield Theater Company in Fairfield, CT, the band took a break from touring while members Brian "Boots" Factor and Stephen Kellogg embarked on their own solo tours, but they released a new album called Gift Horse on October 11th, 2011.