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Stephen Kellogg - You Don't Look The Same When You're Leaving Lyrics

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You couldn't relate to me then because I wasn't as quick with my jokes

And I'd barely escaped from my childhood bed, there were so many people that

I didn't know then

But I was leaving

I was leaving and that held appeal to you

I was leaving

And when you're leaving, others feel it too

You said, "you don't look the same when you're leaving."

At least that's what I think that you said

There were so many things I was feeling

I was scared and confused and I mostly felt bad

But I was leaving

I was leaving and I found some comfort there

I was leaving

Too stupid or too brave to care

And I don't care where they go

It's all these things that I've let go

And I know how it seemed then, but I'm still bleeding

And I don't care who knows

I don't care

So the day has finally come to settle up

And I'm quicker with my words, but it never is enough

And The ones I used to know were so conceited

I thought of them then, but I never will again, why did I think of you then?

Cause you were leaving

You were leaving and that held appeal to me

You were leaving

And when you're leaving you get thought of constantly

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