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Stephen Kellogg - Who Am I Lyrics

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I can't write, only play.

I can't think, only sing.

There'll be no shutting these voices out.

The whisper builds to a deafening shout.

The lonely

The spirit questions them as they roll

They say,

Who am I

Who am I

Am I a good man, Can I be trusted?

Or will your faith in my be exhausted

Is there peace in the life I live

Or are we victims in the life we give.

And I say, Who am I.

Who am I.

Who am I.

Could you let me be

And then let me see

The world is moving too fast

That the present gets dissolved somewhere deep within the past

I cannot say with any truth,

Just who I am or what I can prove

I waste my credit on a worth

I will distance myself from the things I hurt

I will say, Who am I (x5)

Who I am (x2)

Who am I

Got to know who I am, is who I am, Who am I (x6)

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