Stephen Kellogg

Stephen Kellogg - Uninspired Gambling Lyrics

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I'm looking for a princess, but you're too much the queen

You're royal family's got me tired if you know what I mean

Don't misunderstand me cause girl you knock me out

It's that you're always boxing that generates my doubts

Uninspired Gambling

Is all that a fella needs

Gambling with her highness

Is like walking on your knees

Darlin' if you dig it, would you come dig it with me?

The card that's on the table reads, "get out of jail for free."

I feel like you put on your poker face for every guy you've met

If you'd tell me what the game is, I could place my bet


I can't dance all night and I've got a feeling that's alright

When she said lover please stay, I had to turn and run the other way

You're a vixon virutuoso, a saffire diamond ring

But I am no Pinnochio and you can't pull my strings

So in the service of the court, I'm a gonna' dance with you for free

You can keep your aces, give the jack of hearts back to me

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