Stephen Kellogg

Stephen Kellogg - Scorpio Lyrics

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Like a hungry cat that hadn't eaten in a week or more

You attacked my and asked me if I'd ever loved before

You called me selfish man and said I ruined our relationship

But I don't understand how working hard is being selfish


You're the tragedy


You'll never sting me again

Like an angry wind, you weren't happy till we all got cold

You need the suffering, just like a soldier needs to be bold

You weren't a best friend,

cause best friends don't demand things

They'll give you love, love, love,

even when they don't get attention

Rip me apart, tear out my

You can say anything you want

Say I'm unkind, I don't take the time

It's always the same old bullshit

I don't need none of it


You are the tragedy


You're gonna be the death of me


You'll never sting me, no you'll never sting me

You can never sting me again

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