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Stephen Kellogg - Pedal Steel Lyrics

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The whole ride home I thought about your life

How you were just nineteen when you took a wife

Thought of a young man, landing in France

Braver then me, the first to show up at the dance

I thought what you told me that night in Berlin

How you may lose, but there's no way you'll win

About leaving your country when you were just ten

You came to Wisconsin and they let you in

My feels like a Pedal Steel

My knows what is real

Of all of the books that you told me to read

Here's my little secret if you'd stay and won't leave

You left me your shirts, a belt buckle of pearl

A legacy for me and my girl

In this whole crazy life, so big and so small

There's so much to enjoy, but you can't do it all

So you start everyday with a choice to decide

You think of the others who've lived and who've died

And you pray you'll take as much away

You'll have lived it as well at the end of the day

Of all of the things I remember

So many times to be missed

In the end with a wink and a wave

The old man just blew me a kiss

Maybe if he'd had a son,

things might have been different somehow

Maybe I wouldn't have known you,

and I wouldn't feel so fucked up now

Maybe if I do my best, if I do everything I can do

I'll consider my life a success if I'm anything like you

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