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Stephen Kellogg - Keep Me In Your Thoughts Lyrics

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I know it's morning and that you need to go

You look so lovely in the morning glow

The only thing I ask is that you know

That I will keep you in my thoughts throughout the day

Another disappearing act it seems

Another conversation gone midstream

It's never easy, when you're gone from me

But could you keep me in your thoughts throughout the day?

Keep me in your thoughts while I'm away

Remember how it was and the words we thought to say

Darlin' I could never be distraught

If only you would keep me in your thoughts

When you were little did you think of leaving?

How the one you chose to be with, would barely let you see him

And as I drift with the winds of every season

Girl you're right there in my thoughts though you can't see them

When I was little I had Sky the dinosaur

And I don't think much of that toy anymore

But I think of you before you're out the door

So could you keep me in your thoughts while you're away?

Keep me in your thoughts you precious thing

Sometimes you get the honey, sometimes you get the sting

And a solitude like this cannot be bought

If only cause you keep me in your thoughts

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