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Stephen Kellogg - It's Only That I Miss You Lyrics

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Late at night you find yourself considering what was said

As you replay conversations and wish that you were dead

You wonder how anyone could ever like someone so bad

In spite of all your good fortune you wind up feeling sad

I miss you

I miss you

I will not forget who bought me my guitars

When people change your life you remember who they are

I'm not saying you were perfect, no one really is

But perfection's in perception and it's what you make of it

I miss you man

I miss you man

And there's no regrets, It's only that I miss you

What does it matter anyway if we're all gonna die?

If the only things you take away are the things you kept inside

You can bet my point of view and my sense that I was right

Will be nowhere to be found at the end of the night

A substitute profession would never really do

I find myself wishing that I was more like you

In spite of my successes, however small they've been

My tongue sometimes betrays me and my ancestry again

I miss you man

I miss you man

And there's no regrets, and it's only that I miss you

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