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Stephen Kellogg - If You Have To Go Lyrics

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She waited till I left for work to move all of her stuff out

The anger that comes over you when you feel you've been left out

She said it wasn't me, she had some things to do

I see now that it wasn't me as much as it was you

*If you have to go, go quickly

Cause my ego's on the fence

It's hard to know you won't miss me

I know that night went downtown, you said nothing was wrong

It's funny how we always feel it when we don't belong

When we ran into him, you said "he's only just a friend"

"Don't you act so jealous baby." But now look how it ends

*So if you have to go, go quickly

Cause I'm waking up from tortured dreams

When she left the way she kissed me


Faith, in icy eyes and love gone cold

Faith, can break your heart to save your soul

Faith, I sometimes wonder what the use is

Faith, In every one of my excuses

I'll drive around here endlessly thinking about her

The places that we used to go, where we'd hang out down by the water

If I should see you guys out, just act like you don't know me

I don't want to act proud, but since you left I've changed completely

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