Stephen Kellogg

Stephen Kellogg - Guitar & Tamborine Lyrics

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All the Prettiest Girls live in Cleveland

On nights like this I'm inclined to believe it

If you have to leave just come on out and say it

Because there is nothing about me that I can change

La-La-La-La, I love you

La-La-La-La, I just wish that I was with you

Driving state to state can get so desolate

To find a place and all the rest of it

When I returned and you turned down the lights

All your questions burned and I just couldn't answer right

No-No-No-No, I love you

No-No-No-No, I just wish that I was with you

No-No-No-No, she says "I hunger for your footsteps"

No-No-No-No, I've come here to have a look at what is left

Thirty seconds after I awake

I remember who I am and my heart just up and breaks

If time can heal those wounds

Then god please forgive me

Cause I will wish my life away

Just for a sign, some sign, some relief

I remember how you looked as you lay sleeping

Baby I would stay awake just to hear you breathing

If you were the guitar, I was the tambourine

I've accepted who you are, could you do the same of me?

La-La-La-La the sound of Lovers Leaving

La-La-La that's the sound of Lovers Leaving

To tell the truth I can't much remember Cleveland

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