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Stephen Kellogg - Girlfriend As Pretty As You Lyrics

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I stumbled through visions, revealed my condition

As thoroughly taken with you

Your blue eyes shot through me, I changed irrevocably

The days of tomcatting were through

15 years old, what did I know?

I've never been one for a fight

I needed you then and every day since like a flower is needing sunlight

I guess that I gave it up then

This self that alludes weaker men

What was my young heart to do?

With a girlfriend as pretty as you

There in my early twenties, I spent most of it running

But I never once missed my home

You were right there beside me, no idea who I would be

And I never once felt alone

Then somewhere all this bitterness got tougher to dismiss

And I started thinking a lot

There has got to be more to life, then simply man and wife

At least back then that's what I thought

I guess that you gave it up then

Yourself, for the sake of this man

How could your young heart agree?

A boyfriend as angry as me

I was gonna be something that I saw on TV

You were more like a warm spring that weathered the winter of me

I'm not that much older, there's so much that I still don't know

And nothing to blame but this love

I feel no more a man then I did at that high school dance

But time doesn't wait for no one

As for who we became, I still play in this band

You are a teacher at school

And if this is what living is, I feel like an idiot

For blaming my love like a fool

I guess that we gave it up then

The truth is there are no regrets

What was my young heart to do?

A girlfriend as pretty as you

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