Stephen Kellogg

Stephen Kellogg - Flower In Rain Lyrics

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You were sixteen and I was all wired

You were Venus di Milo inspired

You convinced me that I was ok

I convinced you that maybe you'd stay

If I thought that you'd give up on me

I'd have never said hello

Girl you gotta know

We grew up and you grew away

But I'd follow you till my dying day

All the guys that would try for your hand

Couldn't steal you from this desperate man

And this face that you see

Well you know it ain't me

With this lack of resolve and of will

Like a dog that won't learn

Visions you can't discern

But you know me and you like me still

26 and I've grown enough

I'm not better, but I won't give up

You're still here like a flower in rain

You get knocked down then you rise up again

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