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Stephen Kellogg - Cradle Of Family Lyrics

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I flew in dirty like a word from a murderous mouth

the news came to me, id been too long south

things had changed in the days of my sleep

do whatever he says and ignore the creep

she looked at me lke i was jailbait;

her smile was more liek a sneer

Laced up with a rouch of hate,

when that smile used to be so clear

not sure what would happen yet, i ordered from the bar

i know that im not perfect but you are, who you are

I miss the cradle of family

i miss the comfort of home

i miss the way that i used to be

more than i have missed being alone

but you just had to go there and you knew i would resist

like do i ever think about babies that do not exist?

you were calling me out on things i did when i wsa young

imagine being held accountable

for everything that you have ever done

i miss the comfort of a lovers bed

i miss the girl that i once knew

i miss the idea we created in our heads

more than i have ever missed you

i cant believe, the secrets that i keep

the scars that you can see

are nothing like the ones we have unleashed

like St. Augustine before me, i am sorry for my sins

but i have no regrets about the places i have been

theres no way i can say im sorry

for the things that you decide to do

i guess you went for money; i just had to get away from you

i miss the innocense of purity

i miss the things i never had

i miss the way that i used to be

before you ever got to my head


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