Stephen Kellogg

Stephen Kellogg - As Good As It Has Been Lyrics

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Shoeshine girl from New York State, I'll never curse my fate

Your family, your love of me and the way you made me wait

A catholic girl, cranberry curls, one-thousand eighty days

Stars, Stripes and Paisley, the saddest anniversary

Every day the dream of perfect love gets blown away

*As good as it has been,

I wouldn't change a thing

But I'd also never go back again

As good as it has been

Pale-faced protector, acting like an actor, I (you) did the best I (you) could

The hardest part of letting go is to smile as your lover goes

Then say that you understood

You would pout, we'd work it out but sometimes it got tough

With Sun Junky boys, Suburban toys, as good as it has been

it's never been enough

The water and the phoenix

Were never meant to mix

It's a sure fired end

As good as it has been

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