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Spencer Davis Group - Trampoline

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I don't need directions I can see the course You don't need to whisper baby I've heard it all before Hate and lemon under your nails I don't need protection I don't need to show your telling tail I don't need your prohibition I don't need to score You can keep your liquor Baby that's for sure Whine and silver under your feet I don't know what moves you I can't even see when i'm on my knees [Chorus:] Baby give that quiver to me I can shoot an arrow through anything Please don't give me your reasons I'll never need them when I'm on my trampoline I have seen the devil Looking for the chord I can make your carbon copy Sullen and adored Mercy and ashes under your hair I don't need revisions I don't need to fill What isn't there [Chorus] Tolerance is petty Misery is bored Someone slipped the combination Underneath the door Tongue and courage under your skin I don't need your resolution I don't need to sort what could have been [Chorus]

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