Soul Coughing

Soul Coughing - UH, ZOOM ZIP

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Zoom zip and uh wake up, uh zoom zip

My eye like a noisegate the number 8 frustrate and I roll to the floor fruit

to the fruit to the core of a spheroid embedded in my skull the round the

zero the symbol of null and void and well I toyed with the concept of

vitamin B-12 the synapse the synapse it feeds itself on a nutrient

contained in sunlight the blink the lid the fight to snap open

Moving up to the double M 2000 I eat up a decade like a flan your turn of

the century turn it up turn it up clock seconds to the hour go and cash the

millenium Um Um and it hums like a migraine to the brain in the time yet

remaining but uh ah melancholy nonsense and I crack nouns brotherfuck

the verb tense

Recombination, then Viacom, Safeway

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