Soul Coughing

Soul Coughing - The Idiot Kings

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Everything is going up.

Everything is going as planned, yeah.

Everything moves along.

Everything is fine, fine, fine.

Oh I could be

Condemned to Hell for every sin but littering.

I could

Slip on the East River and crash into Queens all skittering.

I've seen the

Cops and the robbers, and I know they dance the same.

I've seen a

Half a zillion girls and haven't spoken to a single one of them.

Batting in the light,

My reptile-lidded eyes.

And all this strung end to end,

Is wider than the mind.

And this cool I've been playing I have been

Playing too long now my

Capacities are dwindling 'til they're

Gone Gone Gone.

Baby can I change my mind?

I just want to change my mind.

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