Soul Coughing

Soul Coughing - Collapse

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Mid-level manager

Says he heard about

Some mulatto girl

Shot him in the mouth,

And left him a hotel Near the mid-south offices.

He worked in distribution,

Regional vice-president.

Collapse, unload it, pop! pop!

I must accumulate, unload it,

Pop! Pop! I must accumulate.

Well the soil is rich

Competition fat

Ripe and vulnerable

Oozing from the slats

And too cash-heavy, bloated

Sitting there all puckered up.

Index of numbers is,

Scrolling upscreen, scrolling up.

Smash it down to digits.

Gut it out and break it down.

Liquid assets are Seeping down, seeping down now.

Seeping down, seeping down now.

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