Soilent Green

Soilent Green - Twitch Of An Eye lyrics

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Grasp Of Breath, Before The Stab Is Taken

Visionary Dream, Done And Over With

Glimmering Shine, Splashes Onto The Floor

Threatening Standard, Are The Standards Defended

Biting Fingernails-Gnawing Down

Easily Frightened-Beatened Youth

Unchastity Of Speech-Muted One

Unnatural Boldness

Sex Criminal-Saintly Lust

Taste For Difference-Sinful Love

Heresy Of

Morals-Twitching Acts

Confusion Of Ideas

Appetite Overwhelming The Reason

Utter Violence Of My Movements


Defamation Of Character

Violating Morals About Death

Sudden Change In Disposition, A Love Of Solitude, Bashfulness

Committing Murder Is The Only Way For Ejaculation

The Labyrinth Of Entrails, Exquisite Sight For Skull Of Genitals

Penalties For Hurt

Through Degeneracy

Purification To Experience Atonement For Having Sex

Humiliation Through Child-Rearing Practices,

Penetrates Ideas

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