Soilent Green

Ben Stout - Guitar
Scott William - Bass
Tommy Buckley - Drums
Louis Benjamin Falgoust II - Vocals
Brian Patton - Guitar

The furious din known as SOILENT GREEN began to take shape ten years ago in Oct. '88. Guitarists Brian Patton, Donovan Punch and drummer Tommy Buckley joined forces, hooked up with a bassist and vocalist, and set about building their legacy in the fertile soil known as the NOLA (New Orleans, LA) extreme scene.
They toiled for over 3 years, recording a half dozen heavily circulated demos and playing numerous shows both in their home state, and in what has become their second home - Texas.
In 1992, Scott Williams stepped in on bass and Brian accepted a "side" gig with the infamous EYEHATEGOD, and jumped into their hectic recording and touring schedule. A year later, vocalist Ben Falgoust joined the fold. Shortly thereafter, SOILENT GREEN cut their first (and only) demo with Falgoust (which garnered them a deal with the then fledgling L.A label Dwell) and churned out their debut full-length Pussysoul in mid '94. Pussysoul was met with equal parts delight and horror. Some rejoiced in their potent molotov cocktail of all things metallic, while others were repulsed by the absolute hatred of it all.

They played gigs sporadically, and managed to jump on the southeast and Texas portions of EXTREME NOISE TERROR's summer '95 U.S. tour. The group also recorded tracks for what became a split 10" w/ GRIEF, and made an appearance on the Cry Now, Cry Later double 7" compilation (both issued by Pessimiser/Theologian).

In 1996 the band remained relatively inactive while Brian fulfilled EYEHATEGOD commitments, but '97 kicked into gear almost immediately when SOILENT GREEN linked up with PANTERA and CLUTCH for a run of dates throughout Texas. Shortly thereafter, the group entered Festival Studios with engineer Keith Falgoust (CRISIS, CROWBAR) and laid down the tracks which would eventually comprise A String of Lies. The remainder of '97 saw the group complete more Eastern U.S. dates with the likes of CRISIS, A.C., and CHOKE that led to another string of dates throughout the southeastern U.S. with PANTERA in early '98.
February 1998 brought us A String of Lies, a thirteen minute blitzkrieg of brutal metal-grind madness. Vicious, multi-faceted vocals, a rhythm section with drill-team precision, frantic guitar runs, wicked breakdowns and funeral dirge swamp-grooves only hinted at what was to come. The band hit the road on a venomous three week tour of the eastern U.S. with labelmates BRUTAL TRUTH, impressing upon audiences the raging fury and intensity they brings to each and every live performance. A stunning set at the 1998 Milwaukee Metalfest delighted those in attendance with intricate new songs and vocalist Ben Falgoust's absolutely commanding stage presence. Soon after, SOILENT GREEN joined up with buddies CROWBAR and EYEHATEGOD as part of the "'Nawleans Swamp Tour", a 2 month swing which included a blistering appearance at the '98 World Series Of Metal in Cleveland.

Sewn Mouth Secrets is the title of the band's second full-length recording, further developing the group's patchwork metal-grind, The effortless blending the most extreme elements of metal, sludge and hardcore, redefine the sound SOILENT GREEN has become known for. Raging blastbeats, gargantuan guitar gallops, schizophrenic vocals, split-second tempo changes and memorable riffing all play a part in this seamless mixture. From the surprising opening of It Was Just An Accident to the fly-by suddenness of Openless to the mellow, luring intro of Her Unsober Ways, Sewn Mouth Secrets is an overwhelming display of creativity and confidence delivered by a band that has only just begun to realize their potential. Now they're about to unleash it...