Soilent Green

Soilent Green - Swallowhole

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Murderer, absorbed in your flame

To captors mind the eyes are dim to close

Vicious attempt to let this pain be shown

My breath knotted (grasping for air through lust)

Distinctively crimson a wonder of wretchedness

Taste my thoughts

Of untold taboo

Avoid caress

Touch of rape

The saliva from your lips is glossy

Shown questioned faces gain an erotic taste

To die a thousand times before dying

Pray once and die a thousand more

Broken puzzle

Missing pieces

Choking words

Murdering this sweet innocence

Saving from these evil needs

Tortured by a needless soul

I'm someone to protect you

Using all that's left for warmth

Inserting into bloodied orifices

Pale skin before the light

Pale skin after the night

Fondling yourself, look at me with deepness

Enrage myself being for masturbation

Anger strides with swift motion of hurt

Feeding this grin of displeasure

The stepping-stones of lust are drowned

Licking the scars of your fate

Background flashing with intensity

Speechless figure With blindfold on

Hands are removed

Silhouette pulsing with deviance

The moral part a canvas

I am the artist You are my creation

Red shocks this vulgar picture

Cyprian angels mourning

Condemned to weep impure

Kindred of the plenty

Whores that do touch night

Our night of passion

Caress you with love

Cut your neck with words To fuck is rebirth

Shower me with cynical words from the lips

Orgasmic thrust with the help of strangling

Arranging the use to position the body

Hunger for more than this carnal meat

She was innocent, she was in love

Hate is a step, to take her life

Love makes weakness, all these sins

To fuck is death, to fuck is pure

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