Soilent Green

Soilent Green - So Hatred lyrics

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a cold cast thought...

shattered and numb

i've got this system in my head

standards and notions

of my own death

kill me... i've already killed myself

(a thousand times)

a devil speaks to disguise my eyes

so you cannot see

the knowledge of unkind

inflict selfish ways to undermind trust

stepped on only to be stepped upon

wishful thought to smooth out

high tempers in need

a doll an image for wrath to unleash...

the aggressor

helpless... help yourself

stop being there for everyone else

feeding the fake

take their medicine to feel good

frustration to the point of anger

no sympathy for your way

lying on the drugstore floor

an arm injected mindfuck

for the weak and impossible

damn the cause... fuck the reasons

hate everyone... hate everything

hate yourself for disrespect

a martyr for your self-gain

beginning to numb myself

murdering morals for power

repeating the past

in the form of consequences

instagate a broken will to think

treason of feelings spread wide

preaching problems... you're the problem

lose your stable temperance

flake-out on situations

another taste of sinful indulgence

take-out on yourself

take notice...

no sense of accomplishment

stop making blame

don't want to rely on someone else

stop pointing ones to shame

the hands of time will strangle you

unless you run

left behind to cry

about what could have been

demand trust and lied to earn it

grasp your actions before they react too fast

control... a tool that discipline maintains

swim oceans of pain...

to drown in hatred

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